Micro-Needling outcomes

Aesthetician Natalie offers a range of medical grade beauty treatments in the Bella Vista Clinic. Recently she added the Micro-needling procedures to her Beauty ranges. For customers who do not know what micro-needling procedures does? Today, I’m going to review and share my own experience of micro-needling with you.

Customers who are interested can also do their own research, there are lots of write up about micro needling, if you Google it on internet. I found this particular website that is really informative called MICRO-NEEDLING vs. LASERS. http://www.skinpen.com/Blog/microneedling-vs-lasers

Micro needling can helps to revitalise and enhances significantly dull skins, acne, pimple scarring, keloids, hyperpigmentation and also improve fine lines/wrinkles. While micro needling is accepted among dermatological and surgical practices its ease-of-use, versatility, overall safety and consistently satisfactory results.

Micro needling safely improves and regenerates damaged or aging skin by producing new collagen and elastin. Using this technic can harnesses the skin rejuvenation process while providing the safety precautions and a disposable needle cartridge that deliver multi-speed and adjustable depths to accommodate all skin types.

This procedure is non-existent in downtime as an advantage, they will have some redness but you can go about your business the next day. It’s less painful she used topical anesthetic prior to treatments you don’t need any painkillers so there is no issue of drowsiness after procedure. You can drive immediately after the treatment.

At the end of the micro needling treatments, customers are advice to apply sun block daily to protect your skin and there will be some redness for a few days and it can be overcome by applying a good BB foundation.

Here are the results and outcomes of Micro-needling processed.



Debbie has lost a lot of elasticity on right cheek. Just after only one treatment of micro needling.
Advantages of Micro-needling:

    • Plumpness
    • Tightening
    • Firming
    • Lifting
    • Radiance

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